With the best threads

As Rio Blanco says on its website http://textilesrioblanco.com/web  “Guatemala is typical for its textile craft tradition that for the combination of colours and designs identify its textiles as unique pieces in the world, which requires the use of top quality materials. RIO BLANCO focuses on providing the textile handicraft sector with top quality threads; thus it contributes to enable communities producing unique, exclusive and guaranteed textile crafts. ”

Therefore we use their threads to provide you with the best textiles, with nice and lasting colours. These threads are dyed with products free of aromatic amines -AZO- This allows to offer the weaver and the end customer products free of any human risk.
These threads have also been adapted so that our products are renowned for their strength and uniformity as well as by the strength of its colours that do no fade when wet or dry rub. Other important features they provide you with is a soft feel, natural shine and freshness specific to cotton fiber.