The Significance of the Symbols

All our products incorporate very rich Maya IXIL symbols. Those symbols reflect changes in the world, inspired by the legacy of our ancestors. Among the most common are:

Money Bird (Tzichin):
6551b This bird symbolizes the luck of having money, and the bird attracts wealth wherever it is taken. It also represents a special day in the Mayan Ixil calendar. Its day of the week is Friday.


The Family:

6555bThe father, the mother and child in the center appears in a lot of the textiles. It represents the importance of being human, united, and the care and love the parents give to their children. Wearing this symbol brings a lot of luck to the family. Sunday is the sacred day of this symbol.

The Deer:

6547bThe deer is a new symbol to Cotzal and its day of the week is Monday. In Nebaj (another town in the “Ixil Triangle”), the deer is called “Sajchee” which comes from the Mayan Ixil word for horse, “Chee”.

Mother and Child:

6554bThis figure has three parts: the mother, the son, and the milpa. It represents the mother who carries the child on her back, cares, and gives food to him when he is young.

Traveling Bird:

6552bThis symbol was common many years ago. The traveling bird symbolizes the people who travel to other towns and countries. It traveled to the other sides of the mountains and when it rains, all of the birds would fly up into the sky and sing every afternoon in the clouds. This bird symbolizes being human and its special day is Saturday.

Bird of the Milpa:

6560bThis figure in the center represents the cane or the milpa when they grow. The milpa symbolizes the green of the environment and is identified with the day “Aa” in the Mayan Ixil calendar. The bird that appears on the side of the milpa depends on the cane for food.

The Net:

6553bThe net symbolizes the union between friends and family, and represents those people born on the day of “Kat” in the Ixil Mayan calendar. “Kat” signifies “tangle or network”, that we are united with friends and family. “Kat” also symbolizes “union of the group/group solidarity”, “love”, and “tomados de la mano”.

Movement of Air:

6550bThis is not just the motion of the air or wind, but it is also of the universe. It is identified with “Iq”, another day on the calendar.

The Mountains:

6557bThis symbol represents the mountain ranges and nature in general. It is the symbol of “Tijaxh” in the Ixil Maya calendar.

The Four Corners of the Earth:

6559bGenerally, a figure with four corners symbolizes the face of the earth. In the Maya traditions, the earth has four corners and four elements. The points at the center of the huipiles (around the collar) are the elements of space and on some occasions are identified as a star.

Los Volcanes


MAM MUNTE – The Volcanoes

The figure symbolizes the volcanoes, the mountains of the world, which are still higher than us.

La copa


UKAB’AL – La Copa

The cup represents the life in the house, the communal life within the family, the hospitality of a house. It means having water, being able to feed themselves and being in good health.