During the tour of the women houses, as well as during your stay with a family, you can taste the typical dishes of Cotzal and the IXIL region, all prepared by the women with lots of care.

Corn and beans is the base of Maya people food and many Cotzal people always grow various types of native corn, such as white and yellow corn, in the traditional “Milpa”  system (corn, beans, pumpkins) which are complementary as growing plants and basic diet.

The women prepare corn in the evening, cook it and take it to the mill early morning (or crush it on their millstone), to make tortillas.


With this you can drink the local mountain coffee, toasted and ground by them.

“boshbol”: Chayote leaves, corn dow, toasted pumpkin seeds sauce.
“tamalito colorado”: , corn dow, beans, “achote”, red sauce and pacaya fruits
“boca de olla”: meat cooked in banana leaves with red sauce, with corn “tamales”
“pupusa de frijol”: tortillas with ground beans and native tomato sauce
“tamalito“ con frijol: corn “tamales”, beans with pumpkin seed and famous black sauce
“pinol”: drink made of “comal” toasted and ground corn, crushed on the millstrone.