Al Natur, Quetzaltenango

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Al-Natur is intended to be a lifestyle, a warm, welcoming and human space, where you can share and exchange traditions, cultures, experiences and dreams, while enjoying local, organic, natural and fair trade products of high quality.


Natural products: The products offered in Al-Natur are made using techniques of environmental utilization, in which the use of chemicals is avoided.

Solidarity products: Al- Natur works with local organizations (networks , cooperatives, small businesses, farmers’ organizations, individual producers … ), prioritizing the integration of women.

Local products: all Al- Natur products are produced and processed in Guatemala.

La cafeteria Al- Natur cafe allows customers to enjoy the essence of Guatemala by tasting our products.

Addres : 10 Avenida 5-33 Zona 1, 09001-Quetzaltenango
Behind the Townhouse
Phone: 77 61 94 35
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