About us

Cooperativa Integral de Comercialización Tejidos Cotzal (CINTEC)


We are a 45 women cooperative from the IXIL region, located in San Juan Cotzal, Each day, we word together in the development of textile crafts, using best quality yarns. We elaborate our products on a backstrap loom, weaving in th tipical figures of our regions, such as corn, bids, mother and son, among others.

Our commitment is to make products of the highest quality for the people of our region, the country and tourists from all over the world, can enjoy our traditions. We have a large variety of products such as table runners, scarves, cosmetic bags, handbags, backpacks, all desinged en woven with love an ddedication.

We have a new Community Center, located at the entrance of San Juan Cotzal, where we exhibit our products. You can also find our products in stores in Antigua, Quetzaltennango and Guatemala City.

We follow the rules of Fair Trade to provide mutual help between ourselves.


Traditional IXIL Back-Strap Weaving in San Juan Cotzal

Traditional weaving of the ancient IXIL vividly reflects their Mayan identity. The weaving technique used by this group of women allows them to create textiles that are high quality, richly colored and hand embroidered.

Visit us at our store in Cotzal and surround yourself in the authentic IXIL lifestyle while enjoying our beautiful mountains.


The Cooperative can also help you discover the cultural and natural richness of San Juan Cotzal through a tour  around our region. on this tour you will learn how to produce tortillas, candles and coffee, how women work with the back strp looms to elaborate beautiful fabrics and the typical food of our region, the Box bol.

You can also walk to the fantastic waterflls of Chichel or Santa Avelina.

 Flyer of the Cooperative of San Juan Cotzal

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